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Associations & Communities

Millennium Community Management, LLC provides services to various types of communities including but not limited to:

  • Single Family

  • Master Communities

  • Condominium

  • High-rise Communities

  • Business Parks

  • On-site Management

  • Mid-rise Communities

  • Low-rise Communities

We provide monthly financial statements to each of our communities to include accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing statements, bank reconciliations, general ledger reports and any specialized reports requested.

MCM, LLC likes to keep their association boards and homeowners up to date with current information. We have online access for many different aspects an association would need.

  • Board Reports

  • Committee Reports

  • Homeowners Account

  • Payments

  • Newsletters

  • Notifications Mailed

  • Email Blasts

  • Financial Reports

MCM, LLC assists the board with the collection efforts for the associations and we have several reports we have the ability to produce depending on the board’s preferences. Our managers handle violations, walkthrough reports, hearings, vendor proposals, assist with insurance and many, many, many other duties. We place all the associations’ utilities on auto pay (if possible).

Business Meeting

Board of Directors

MCM, LLC works with the Board of Directors to assist in accomplishing their needs for the Association and Community as a whole. Board members have the ability to access various financial reports related to their community 24 hours a day directly from our website. Please log in to your account to access your association information. We believe it is crucial that management make available as much information as is safely possible to ensure Board members are comfortable that their needs are taken care of with the utmost care. If requested, MCM, LLC can also make committee reports available to members appointed or approved by the Board.


At MCM, LLC we understand the importance of the escrow process and as such we work with agents, escrow officers and owners to quickly and efficiently process their transactions.

MCM, LLC has partnered with CondoCerts to streamline the process, you can contact them at:

or 800.310.6552 for customer service questions. All transactions are processed through CondoCerts and not in house.


Homeowners have access to information about their community, individual account balance/status; the ability to submit work orders, escrow information, and community events, directly from our website. Dues can be paid by check or credit card (fee applies) through a secure bank portal setup recurring payments and receive email notification when payments are posted to your account.



Access to this and other information related to your community promotes building relationships between management and members and helps us work together to make your community the best it can be! MCM, LLC is committed to providing outstanding customer service from accounting to work order requests. Homeowners may contact our office by phone, email or website to obtain information regarding their individual account status, document requests, or place a service or maintenance request. Calls are responded to within 24 business hours and requests are processed efficiently and timely. As customer satisfaction and service is our number one priority.

If you would like to submit a work order, please complete the contact information below and provide a description of your maintenance request, then click Submit. You will receive a response within 24 business hours.

If this is a property-threatening emergency please contact our office immediately.

If your request is after normal business you may contact our Emergency On-Call 24 Hour support staff at the number(s) below.

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